Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pool Party!

Every year, since the building of her pool, my mate Lisa has thrown a pool party, the party being in italics as she prefers the term intimate get together :P but no matter the name it's always a fun time and this is the page i've made for it in my journal

I like the colours that i used, they're so fun and i feel this is one of the first pages i've done that doesn't just look like trying to scrapbook in a journal but like... idk, not a smash book, but a scrapjournal? idk. never mind my ramblings.

This page was based upon a sketch from sketchabilities, i'm always a huge fan of their sketches and this one was no exception. i made the pictures on the left a little smaller and the one on the right a little bigger.

I love this sketch so much I see myself using it for another page I'm working on at the moment :)

hope you like and happy scrapping xx

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