Thursday, 28 February 2013


Woot! my first page in my journal for parachute!

i love this picture so much and i love how it goes with co many colours. I enjoyed making this page so much from the sketch over at 'Scrap the Girls'. Love it.

happy scrapping xoxo

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pool Party!

Every year, since the building of her pool, my mate Lisa has thrown a pool party, the party being in italics as she prefers the term intimate get together :P but no matter the name it's always a fun time and this is the page i've made for it in my journal

I like the colours that i used, they're so fun and i feel this is one of the first pages i've done that doesn't just look like trying to scrapbook in a journal but like... idk, not a smash book, but a scrapjournal? idk. never mind my ramblings.

This page was based upon a sketch from sketchabilities, i'm always a huge fan of their sketches and this one was no exception. i made the pictures on the left a little smaller and the one on the right a little bigger.

I love this sketch so much I see myself using it for another page I'm working on at the moment :)

hope you like and happy scrapping xx

Rashmica's eighteenth! again!

So i've been meaning for a while to scrap/smash/whatever it is I do, Rashmica's birthday and when i found this sketch over at ScrapFriends, I knew it was perfect. Here's the sketch:

I love this so much and actually used it for a few of my pages, to be out up at a later date, but this is my entry to the sketch challenge.

So yeah, there it is, no journaling yet as i have yet to get my white pen and i don't want to ruin it with black, but as the challenge finishes today it's up here early. i may eventually get around to putting up the finished version :P

happy scrapping y'all xx