Monday, 10 December 2012


so today i decided to take a break from the tight cutting and sticky fingers to try my hand at digital scrapbooking, something i have never before tried. I'm not a complete novice at photoshop, managed to use it to make my way through highschool art design, so i thought i'd do alright. Not being up myself or anything, but i think I did pretty alright.

This is my entry into the seventh color palette challenge at scrapfriends. I really fell in love with the color scheme, very Christmasy. And I did start of Christmas themed, but as i generally do, I tangented.

The picture is of my little sister and I at our cousin's wedding. The paper i used was from a CSI challenge and other elements were freebies from Gina Cabrera.

Hope you like. x

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Music Dinner!

So this is the first post of my scrapbook (or rather journal) and is my page for the latest CSI case file. It's based on the music dinner that my school had a few weeks ago now to celebrate the success of our musos over the past year. I had a ball and i will miss the all the musos so much as i go off to uni next year.

On the left: me and my girl hazie
On the right: me, julia and anna

The journaling reads: I had such a great night out with just my girlies celebrating a fantastic year with Westlake music! Even though it ended in tears, it was on of the best nights this year. I'm gonna miss these people SO much, and even though I was only part of the family for a year, I will always feel a part of the Westlake musos.

I didn't use the green in the color scheme cause i have issues with multiple colors (its a problem that i'm trying to deal with) so i stuck with the blues and it kinda turned out almost 'winter wonderland' themed, which had not been my original intention. I tend to tangent a LOT, not just in conversation but in scraping also.

My evidence:
  • clocks (down the bottom)
  • mosaic (loosely in the top of the first page)
  • silver metallic elements (the butterflies)
  • something inspired by the bowl (the doily)

It's so great to get back into scrapbooking and i hope you like what i've done. As i'm now on holiday hopefully you'll see a lot more of my work xx

Sunday, 2 December 2012

SMASHing Christmas giveaway

Ermagherd guys, huge Christmas giveaway filled with EVERYTHING needed to scrap/smash your way through this festive season!


Tuesday, 2 October 2012

post numero uno.

This post exists simply to get the daunting first post out of the way and to explain to y'all who i am (which i feel is a nice and simply first post topic). My name is susie - actually its suzanne, but you can call me susie - and i like crafty stuff ie scrapbooking, and came to the conclusion that in order to complete my summer 'bucket list' if you will, i needed to journal/scrapbook it. It was then that i discovered smashbooks!! Something else about me, i am impatient, and poor, therefore getting an actual smashbook ordered etc was not for me. Instead, i went down to my local typo and got me a journal. So pretty much, my blog is another means of keeping me to my bucket, as well as showing the world what i do, and hopefully get inspiration.


ps. know that as well as scrap/smashbooking, my blog will include random cooking attempts etc
pss. i'm seventeen, that's probably an important part of introducing myself.