Tuesday, 2 October 2012

post numero uno.

This post exists simply to get the daunting first post out of the way and to explain to y'all who i am (which i feel is a nice and simply first post topic). My name is susie - actually its suzanne, but you can call me susie - and i like crafty stuff ie scrapbooking, and came to the conclusion that in order to complete my summer 'bucket list' if you will, i needed to journal/scrapbook it. It was then that i discovered smashbooks!! Something else about me, i am impatient, and poor, therefore getting an actual smashbook ordered etc was not for me. Instead, i went down to my local typo and got me a journal. So pretty much, my blog is another means of keeping me to my bucket, as well as showing the world what i do, and hopefully get inspiration.


ps. know that as well as scrap/smashbooking, my blog will include random cooking attempts etc
pss. i'm seventeen, that's probably an important part of introducing myself.

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